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Our Programs & Classes

Our programs are tailored to each age groups special needs. Your child will work with the same instructor every week who will follow your childs progress closely.  The schedule on this website is available during the school year from September through June.

Whether you are interested in our programs for fun or working towards competitions, we offer a number of programs that will fit your childs needs and your busy schedule as well. 

Parent & Child 45 Minutes
Ages 1 ½ to 3
A fun way for your child to gain motor and social skills with a Parent close by. Gymnasts will be climbing, running, jumping, rolling, swinging and balancing with others their age and their Parent. Your child will learn to share the equipment, play in a group and will begin to "learn to learn" in a fun safe environment. Gymnasts and Parents will make new friends while promoting the physical, mental, emotional and social development of your child.

Available Monday 10am, 6pm, Thursday 10am.

Mini Monkeys 1 hour
Ages 3 & 4
For the gymnast ready to go out into the gym with 5 others their age and learn basic gymnastic skills on equipment properly sized for them. In the obstacle course area, they get a chance to take a break and have a short free time. They will also be learning necessary social skills such as taking turns and watching out for other, which will benefit their learing and achievements in Preschool.

Available Monday 10 am, 5pm, Tuesday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 5pm, 7pm, Friday 10am, Saturday 9:30am.

Mighty Monkeys 1 hour
Age 5 years
Kindergarten age gymnasts still get the benefits of a small class with 5 other students and will begin moving past the preschool skill level. They can use their imaginations on the obstacle course and will become better students by listening to and following more complex directions and learning new skills on the equipment.

Available Monday 7pm, Tuesday 10am, 4pm, 6pm, Wednesday 5pm, 7pm, Thursday 10am, 7pm, Friday 10am, Saturday 9:30am.

Girls Beginner I 1 hour
Ages 6 - 8 years old
Basic skills on the Olympic events of Floor, Bars, Vault and Beam, will be combined with strength exercises made fun on our additional equipment. Your gymnast will train with the same qualified instructor each week that knows you gymnasts abilities. A small class will ensure your child will get the attention they need.

Available Monday 6pm, 7pm, Tuesday 5pm, 7pm, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 4pm, 6pm, Friday 5pm, Saturday 10:30am.

Girls Beginner II 1 hour
Ages 9 and Up
Beginning skills on all events and strength training on additional equipment for gymnasts with more sports experience. This class will move at a faster pace and gymnasts will be training with the same qualified instructor each week allowing for individual attention. It's a great way for older girls to stay in shape.

Available Tuesday 5pm, Wednesday 7pm, Thursday 6pm, Saturday 10:30 am.

Girls Intermediate 1 and a half hour
All Ages
This class is for the gymnast who has mastered basic skill and is ready to expand their level of gymnastics. Prerequisites of Front/Back Walkovers and pullovers on the Bars.

Available Wednesday 6 to 7:30pm, Friday 4:30 to 6pm, Saturday 10:30 to 12 noon.

Girls Advanced 2 hours
All Ages
For the gymnast who is workind toward the Team, as well as gymnasts who just enjoy working out. Discounts are available for additional classes to make it easy to keep up or improve the advanced skill level. Prerequisites of Front/Back handspring.

Available Monday 6 to 8pm, Wednesday 4 to 6pm.

Boys Beginner 1 hour
All Ages
This boys only class involves strength training made fun on additional equipment, and basic skills on the Mens Olympic events. For the boys, a large amount of strength is necessary for their skills to be completed.

Available Tuesday 7pm, Wednesday 5pm.

Cheer/Tumbling 1 hour
All Ages
Cheerleaders of all ages will follow progressions in Tumbling and Trampoline skills. Jumps can also be practiced in our mirror floor area.

Available Monday 5pm

Private Lessons
Available for half and full hour sessions, All Ages
Please contact us if you have any questions about our programs or would like to know about other programs that may not be listed here.
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